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What Campaigns Think
About PolitiMail

PolitiMail is the best email software I've ever used. It's simple, looks great and performs even better than the alternatives!


David | Campaign Manager

It's fast, clean and works perfectly for our campaign! Really glad we made the switch.


Janice | Campaign Director

PolitiMail has it all. The campaign builder is easy and the automations are incredibly powerful!


Richard | Communications Director

The results we were getting with our previous platform doesn't hold a candle to the results we're getting with PolitiMail. 


Paul | Communications Manager

Unlike the other platforms, PolitiMail doesn't nickel n' dime you. You get unlimited email sending without limitation! 


Joy | Campaign Director

We can't imagine using any other software for our campaign's political email. We've used PolitiMail on 2 winning campaigns. It's like my secret weapon. 


Sean | Campaign Manager

I personally love the automation builder! It's so easy to use and saves so much time. Highly recommend for local campaigns. 


Stephanie | Campaign Manager

Before learning about PolitiMail, our campaign was spending thousands each month for multiple platforms - barely inching by... With PolitiMail we're thriving!


Devon | Campaign Manager

Came recommended from a colleague in elected office. Best recommendation I've ever got! Thanks to PolitiMail, we're reaching more donors than ever before!


Matt | Communications Director

Our committee was struggling to find a reliable platform that upheld free speech and refused going the way of big-tech censorship. Luckily we found PolitiMail and haven't looked back since.


Jamie | Campaign Director

We've grown our base like crazy since partnering with PolitiMail. The support is great and we're excited to keep the momentum!


Robyn | Campaign Manager

We saved over 20 hours per week using PolitiMail's built-in automations. That ended up saving our campaign enough to run an additional media campaign! 


Robert | Campaign Director

Super PACs aren't the easiest users for email service providers. Thankfully PolitiMail's team are top-notch! They've helped our committee implement a hyper-charged marketing strategy!


Allen | Executive Director

If your campaign needs to reach voters, donors or volunteers - PolitiMail is hands down the best solution! 


Alex | Campaign Director

Our campaign wouldn't have pulled off our primary without PolitiMail. Where other platforms were costly and inefficient, PolitiMail was snappy and delivered the best results.


Peter | Campaign Manager

PolitiMail is great because it connects with all of our other apps and software! The integration was seamless and had virtually zero downtime. 


Andrew | Communications Manager

Before PolitiMail, we bounced from platform to platform - spending thousands in the process. Finally we have found a platform that was built for conservatives!


Susan | Chair

With so many platforms censoring conservatives, it's awesome to see a platform as robust as PolitiMail to help Republicans fight back!


Abby | Executive Director

The support was absolutely amazing! They helped migrate our entire campaign database onto the platform and get setup fast!


Amanda | Campaign Manager

If you're running for office you need PolitiMail. It's the easiest, most powerful solution for conservatives. 


Danielle | Communications Director

The perfect addition to any campaign's tool box to reach voters effectively.


Jeremy | Campaign Manager

PolitiMail has enabled us the ability to reach the electorate in volumes we never thought possible! Amazing software.


Grant | Campaign Manager

There's never been a more accessible software for conservative campaigns to reach their volunteers. Very impressed with our experience with PolitiMail.


Eric | Candidate

The competitors don't hold a candle to PolitiMail. It's fast, lightweight and handles the job better than any other platform we've tried!


Dylan | Campaign Director

We're hitting our goals faster than we ever have! PolitiMail has enabled us to reach the electorate fast. 


Mary | Communications Director

The time saving coupled with the affordability helped our campaign to win the primaries and reach donors like never before! 


Jacob | Communications Director

Wish we had PolitiMail the first time around.. so thankful we have it this time! We're crushing our goals faster than ever! 


Thomas | Communications Director

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