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See your email performance in real-time with actionable live analytics.

Get insights and valuable metrics in real-time through PolitiMail’s advanced reporting and analytics dashboard.

Simple Email Campaign Builder

Don’t let an over complicated platform stand in the way of reaching your donors, voters and volunteers. Use PolitiMail’s easy to use, drag n’ drop email builder.

Drag n' Drop
Create captivating campaigns with ease using PolitiMail's intuitive drag n' drop email builder.
Template Library
Create your own library of favorite templates to use on campaigns and automations whenever you want!

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Campaign Email

High Deliverability
Our technology is cutting edge, providing the highest deliverability in the industry!
Tracking & Reporting
Know how close your goals are with advanced tracking and analytic reporting directly inside your dashboard.
Affordable for Every Budget
Don't let budget stand in the way of reaching your donors, voters and volunteers.
Unrivaled Support
Never get left in the dark when you choose PolitiMail. Where our dedicated team of experts are here to help!

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Kind of Budget

Get control and visibility over spending. Try any plan free for
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Great for small lists and
localized campaigns
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Automations
  • Subscriber Segments


Perfect for statewide and
national campaigns
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Automations
  • Subscriber Segments


The easy, safe way to manage online spending at work
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Automations
  • Subscriber Segments

The Best Solution for Conservative Campaigns

A modern way to reach your donors, voters and volunteers fast. Without the headache and no big-tech censorship!

What Campaigns Think
About PolitiMail

PolitiMail is the best email software I've ever used. It's simple, looks great and performs even better than the alternatives!


David | Campaign Manager

It's fast, clean and works perfectly for our campaign! Really glad we made the switch.


Janice | Campaign Director

PolitiMail has it all. The campaign builder is easy and the automations are incredibly powerful!


Richard | Communications Director

The results we were getting with our previous platform doesn't hold a candle to the results we're getting with PolitiMail. 


Paul | Communications Manager

Unlike the other platforms, PolitiMail doesn't nickel n' dime you. You get unlimited email sending without limitation! 


Joy | Campaign Director

We can't imagine using any other software for our campaign's political email. We've used PolitiMail on 2 winning campaigns. It's like my secret weapon. 


Sean | Campaign Manager

I personally love the automation builder! It's so easy to use and saves so much time. Highly recommend for local campaigns. 


Stephanie | Campaign Manager

Before learning about PolitiMail, our campaign was spending thousands each month for multiple platforms - barely inching by... With PolitiMail we're thriving!


Devon | Campaign Manager

Came recommended from a colleague in elected office. Best recommendation I've ever got! Thanks to PolitiMail, we're reaching more donors than ever before!


Matt | Communications Director

Our committee was struggling to find a reliable platform that upheld free speech and refused going the way of big-tech censorship. Luckily we found PolitiMail and haven't looked back since.


Jamie | Campaign Director

We've grown our base like crazy since partnering with PolitiMail. The support is great and we're excited to keep the momentum!


Robyn | Campaign Manager

We saved over 20 hours per week using PolitiMail's built-in automations. That ended up saving our campaign enough to run an additional media campaign! 


Robert | Campaign Director

Super PACs aren't the easiest users for email service providers. Thankfully PolitiMail's team are top-notch! They've helped our committee implement a hyper-charged marketing strategy!


Allen | Executive Director

If your campaign needs to reach voters, donors or volunteers - PolitiMail is hands down the best solution! 


Alex | Campaign Director

Our campaign wouldn't have pulled off our primary without PolitiMail. Where other platforms were costly and inefficient, PolitiMail was snappy and delivered the best results.


Peter | Campaign Manager

PolitiMail is great because it connects with all of our other apps and software! The integration was seamless and had virtually zero downtime. 


Andrew | Communications Manager

Before PolitiMail, we bounced from platform to platform - spending thousands in the process. Finally we have found a platform that was built for conservatives!


Susan | Chair

With so many platforms censoring conservatives, it's awesome to see a platform as robust as PolitiMail to help Republicans fight back!


Abby | Executive Director

The support was absolutely amazing! They helped migrate our entire campaign database onto the platform and get setup fast!


Amanda | Campaign Manager

If you're running for office you need PolitiMail. It's the easiest, most powerful solution for conservatives. 


Danielle | Communications Director

The perfect addition to any campaign's tool box to reach voters effectively.


Jeremy | Campaign Manager

PolitiMail has enabled us the ability to reach the electorate in volumes we never thought possible! Amazing software.


Grant | Campaign Manager

There's never been a more accessible software for conservative campaigns to reach their volunteers. Very impressed with our experience with PolitiMail.


Eric | Candidate

The competitors don't hold a candle to PolitiMail. It's fast, lightweight and handles the job better than any other platform we've tried!


Dylan | Campaign Director

We're hitting our goals faster than we ever have! PolitiMail has enabled us to reach the electorate fast. 


Mary | Communications Director

The time saving coupled with the affordability helped our campaign to win the primaries and reach donors like never before! 


Jacob | Communications Director

Wish we had PolitiMail the first time around.. so thankful we have it this time! We're crushing our goals faster than ever! 


Thomas | Communications Director

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