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Get control and visibility over spending. Try any plan free for
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Great for small lists and
localized campaigns
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Automations
  • Subscriber Segments


Perfect for statewide and
national campaigns
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Automations
  • Subscriber Segments


The easy, safe way to manage online spending at work
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Drag n' Drop Builder
  • Automations
  • Subscriber Segments


Each plan is based on the number of subscribers you bring with you.


Whether you have 500 or 5 million subscribers... we have plans fit any subscriber volume. You don't have to do complicated equations to find the best plan - the more subscribers you bring with you, the higher plan you'll need. 


Municipal plans are great for causes with less than 10,000 subscribers. 


Campaign plans are ideal for causes with 10,000 to 50,000 subscribers. 


Committee plans are the perfect fit for causes with more than 50,000 subscribers.

No way! You can reach your subscribers an unlimited amount of times. Gone are the days of over-priced, under-delivering email platforms that place harsh limitations on your marketing efforts.


You read that right, there's no monthly email limits. You can send 1 email or 100,000,000 - the choice is yours. 


*Just be careful not to land in spam!

Currently we do not offer a refund policy. All purchases are final. You are not bound by any contracts and can cancel your account at any time. 

Currently, SMS is available to PolitiMail users on a per-request basis. While we protect our SMS deliverability like we protect our industry leading email deliverability, SMS integrations are available inside of your dashboard upon request. 

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  • Municipal
  • Campaign
  • Committee
PolitiMail Features
PolitiMail Features
Account Features
Monthly Email SendsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
User Roles & Permissions
Two Factor Authentication
Core Email Features
Drag n' Drop Email Builder
Template Library
Custom Coded Templates
Branded Templates
Segmentation Tools
Free Image Gallery
Signup Forms
Mobile Optimization Tools
A/B Testing
Preference Center
Real-Time Reporting
Worldview Reporting
Advanced Email Features
Automated Emails
RSS Feed Trigger
Transactional Emails
Campaign Tags
Dynamic Content
Custom Fields
Countdown Timers
Timezone Sending
Send Time Optimization
Email Section Locking
Advanced Link Tracking
Link Review
Design & Spam Testing
Email Support
Phone Support
Deliverability Support
Help Center
Training Videos
Email Academy
API Access
Content & Video
Email Address Verification
Email Testing
Landing Pages
Lifecycle Marketing
List Management
Loyalty & Referal
Reporting & Analytics
Signup Forms
Subscriber CountUp to 10,000 SubscribersUp to 50,000 SubscribersOver 50,000+ Subscribers
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Optional Addons

Maximize your cause with a highly optimized communications suite.
Expand with these optional addons.

Maximum Delivery

Start off by landing in the inbox, everytime. Bypass spam filters and common reputation-damaging habits.
  • Domain Integration
  • Email Warmup
  • List Hygeine
  • Automation Buildout
  • Maximum Delivery
  • Fastest Turnaround
  • 99% Delivery Rate
$95 /monthly
$799 if paid yearly

Assisted Onboarding

Professional, managed onboarding package to get your campaign up and running on PolitiMail fast!
  • Domain Integration
  • Subscriber Import
  • List Hygiene
  • Setup Consult
  • Automation Buildout
  • Email Templates
  • Delivered Fast

Agency Addon

Leverage PolitiMail for your clients without revealing the secret-sauce to your email success!
  • 100% White Labeled
  • Client Management
  • Pricing Options
  • No PolitiMail Branding
  • Training
  • Assisted Setup
  • Delivered Fast
$299 /month
$2990 if paid yearly

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