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$ 18 /month
  • Drag n' Drop Email Builder
  • Subscriber Segmentation
  • Automation Builder
  • Unlimited Users


$ 58 /month
  • Everything Included in Bronze
  • Advanced Automation
  • Timezone Sending
  • Priority Support


$ 298 /month
  • Everything Included in Silver
  • Send Time Optimization
  • Advanced Link Tracking
  • Premier Support

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Transparent pricing for every stage.

$18 /mo
$58 /mo
$298 /mo
Subscriber Limit

The total number of subscribers

Up to 500



Email Limit

The total number of email sends





The total number of user accounts




Two Factor Authentication

Secure your account with ease

Core Email Features

What makes PolitiMail the most powerful political communications tool

Drag n' Drop Builder

Easily use different content blocks to build beautiful, professional emails

Customizable Template Library

Choose from hundreds of customizable, responsive designs

Custom Coded Templates

Import custom coded HTML emails, either by uploading from your computer, or importing from the web


Easily segment your audience to drive tailored email content to your subscribers

Advanced Engagement Segments

Free Image Gallery

Access to over 2 million free Unsplash images directly in the email builder, to help you send beautiful, engaging emails

Signup Forms

Grow your list with signup pages and pop-up forms, hosted by us or on your site

Mobile Optimization Tools

Ensure your emails look perfect on desktop and mobile with our mobile layout & background image settings

A/B Testing

Send two options of an email to test which performs best

Preference Center

Make it easy for subscribers to modify how you interact with them, instead of unsubscribing all together

Real-time Reporting Analytics

Get a comprehensive view of your email marketing performance with subscriber growth and engagement reports

Worldview Reporting

Watch subscribers open and click in real-time across the globe

Advanced Email Features

Leverage the power of the most advanced email communications functionality available

Automated Emails

Create an automated journey to welcome new subscribers and keep them engaged over time, based on a set trigger

Limited to email send volume



RSS Feed Trigger

Use your website’s RSS feed to create and send emails automatically

Transactional Emails

Automatically send emails based on a specific subscriber action such as invoices or account confirmation. *Volume limited to subscriber tier

Campaign Tags

Organize, categorize, and sort your draft and sent campaigns

Dynamic Content

Deliver unique, targeted content to each subscriber from a single email

Custom Fields

Personalize content and plan more targeted campaigns using your individual subscriber data

Countdown Timer

A live-updating timer that makes it easy to drive urgency for limited-time offers

Timezone Sending

Maximize email performance by setting a specific time for delivery, and your message will be delivered at that time across every time zone

Send Time Optimization

Let PolitiMail determine the best time to deliver based on how each of your individual subscribers have historically interacted with your campaigns

Email Section Locking

Ensure your campaigns are always on brand by assigning content editing permissions to your email templates

Advanced Link Tracking

Track how your email campaign performs in third party platforms like Omniture, WebTrends, & Core Metrics

Real-time notifications and webhooks

Notification service with realtime status tracking.

Help & Support

You’re never in the dark when you partner with PolitiMail to win big

Link Review

Automatically tests all of your links right in the builder and notifies you of any that are broken or missing

Design & Spam Testing

Our automated test tool shows what your email will look like in all the major email clients and runs your campaign through popular spam filters to detect anything that could prevent delivery

Email Support

Instant access to our industry-leading support team



Phone Support

24/5 access to our industry-leading support team

Deliverability Support

Our expert deliverability team helps investigate any delivery issues that may arise

Help Center

24/7 access to our expansive list of resources and robust help documentation

Training Videos

Get the most out of PolitiMail with our step‑by‑step videos and tutorials

Email Academy

Learn everything you need to know about email theory and best practices with our extensive email course


PolitiMail integrates with THOUSANDS of tools and software to make your workflow the best it can be

API Access

Build custom integrations with any platform through our robust API


Drive ad revenue through email

Billing & Fundraising

Integrate PolitiMail with billing systems and fundraising tools


Integrate with your content management system

Content & Video

Take content to the next level with video, live feeds and more


Combine the power of your CRM and PolitiMail


Connect your online store to send powerful automations and transactional emails

Email Address Verification

Remove bad addresses and keep your lists healthy

Email Testing

Test and optimize your emails across inboxes and devices


Manage event communications by integrating with your event system

Landing Pages

Drive subscribers to beautiful, branded landing pages

Lifecycle Marketing

Incorporate email at every stage of the customer journey to increase conversions and drive revenue

List Management

Sync your contacts from other applications

Loyalty & Referral

Drive loyalty and referrals for your company through email


Align your marketing across devices


Harness data to deliver your subscribers a personalized email experience

Reporting & Analytics

Automate and streamline your reporting across apps

Signup Forms

Grow your PolitiMail lists with these simple and powerful signup forms


Align your social and email marketing strategy


Create and sync survey data with PolitiMail

Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to answer
all your questions

Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Check out our full documentation.

Each plan is carefully crafted to fit your needs. If you plan on sending emails infrequently (1-2x per week), the Bronze plan would be perfect. If you need to send a large quantity of emails each month, the Silver or Gold plans would be a great fit. 

Absolutely! We don't penalize growth (or reductions!) Freely migrate between plans as you'd like, when you need to. 

Unless you've signed up for an annual subscription, you are not required to continue your account for any length of time. You can cancel at any time.

*We do not offer refunds for any subscription plans. 

Yes! You're not limited to the number of users you can bring to your PolitiMail account. If you want to bring on your entire team, you're more than welcome to (and at no additional cost!). 

All subscriptions are billed at the delivery of your first email or SMS campaign.

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